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Somewhere Street

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Somewhere Street

A close-up look at cities worldwide, as seen by a walking tourist. Viewers visit places off the beaten path, meet ordinary people, and enjoy a travel experience that's only possible on foot.


Sat.23:10 - 23:54
Sun.5:10 - 5:54
11:10 - 11:54
17:10 - 17:54

Sep. 20, Sat.*This program was first broadcast on Aug. 27, 2011

Brasov, Romania

Brasov is the commercial and industrial hub of Transylvania in Romania. German merchants migrated to the city in the 12th century and their beautiful buildings still line the streets of the old city today. It's late autumn and the people are chatting outdoors and cooking jams in preparation for the harsh winter, when it can be as cold as -20℃. Join us for a stroll through these lovely medieval streets.

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