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Somewhere Street

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Somewhere Street

A close-up look at cities worldwide, as seen by a walking tourist. Viewers visit places off the beaten path, meet ordinary people, and enjoy a travel experience that's only possible on foot.


Sat.23:10 - 23:54
Sun.5:10 - 5:54
11:10 - 11:54
17:10 - 17:54

Aug. 30, Sat.*This program was first broadcast on Mar. 1, 2013

Tongyeong, South Korea

Tongyeong is a port town in South Korea that has recently become a hot resort destination. Some 7 million tourists visit annually, partly because of its delicious seafood. Freshly caught fish jump and splash with gleaming vitality at the fish market. The narrow streets and alleyways wind like a maze through the town, with an 80-year-old underwater tunnel adding a touch of exploratory adventure. On this walk, we meet the cheerful people of Tongyeong while enjoying the bracing smell of the sea.

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