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Science View

Top Japanese scientists delve into the fascinating worlds of cutting-edge technology and the natural sciences.


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Nov. 4, Tue.

The Leading Edge:
The Frontier of Magnet Research

A neodymium magnet and metal balls

Used in cellphone speakers and computer hard drives, neodymium magnets are indispensable to today's high-tech devices. We visited the development site of a magnetic refrigerating device to learn more about the new method it uses. We also have the latest news on a national project headed by Doctor Sagawa, the inventor of the neodymium magnet, to reduce the need for a rare earth called dysprosium. Japan has always been at the forefront of magnet research and today we'll be visiting the frontlines!

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Bendable Metal Tableware

Oct. 28, Tue.*This program was first broadcast on Apr. 9, 2013

The Leading Edge:
Cells Making Waves!

How is the striped pattern of the emperor angelfish formed?

This topic might sound a little challenging, but is sure to intrigue any amateur scientist or animal lover out there. We focus on the striped patterns on animals. Have you ever wondered how those patterns are formed? A Japanese scientist delved deep and found an answer. His breakthrough findings made the cover of a prestigious scientific journal, and overturned the accepted view that these patterns are encoded in the genes. We also look at the contribution of brilliant British mathematician, Alan Turing, whose own ideas anticipated this new finding. A mathematician? Join us to connect the dots on the program. In the meantime, a small hint is "cell waves". Hmm...thinking caps on!

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