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Science View

Top Japanese scientists delve into the fascinating worlds of cutting-edge technology and the natural sciences.


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Sep. 23, Tue.*This program was first broadcast on Mar. 14, 2013

The Leading Edge:
Lake Mashu: The Clearest Water in the World!

Lake Mashu

Mystical Lake Mashu in Hokkaido is swathed in mist for more than 100 days of the year. Hemmed in by steep mountains and with no river flowing into it, it is known for its exceptionally clear water. This lake, however, is in crisis. Its water clarity, once the highest in the world at 41.6m, has dropped year by year. Trees in the surrounding mountains have started to wither. What is going on at Lake Mashu? A survey team set out to discover the cause of the lake's deterioration. Could it be mudslides? Or the soaring deer population? Various possibilities were considered but... Science View hunts down the real culprit. Tune in for the must-see conclusion!

Science News Watch:
Japanese Coral at Risk

Don't Throw it Away! Dry it!

Sep. 16, Tue.

The Leading Edge:
Uncovering the Mystery of Salmon Ecology

A salmon hatchery at Chitose River, Hokkaido

Salmon are a well-known food fish, yet there is a lot we don't know about their ecology. We know they return to their natal river, but how exactly do they pinpoint it? A new technique makes individual identification possible, allowing researchers to gather new information. And a small measuring device reveals the salmon's unusual behavior as they near the river of their birth. Join us to learn more about the ecology of the salmon that migrate through the North Pacific Ocean.

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Cause of Breast Cancer Recurrence Discovered

Revolutionary Prosthetic Leg Developed

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