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The Coelacanth! The Living Fossil That Casts Light on Evolution's Mysteries
J-Innovators:An Ultra-Thin Yarn Causing Evolution...in Fashion!

An Ultra-Thin Yarn Causing Evolution...in Fashion!

A Takumi in Yamagata Prefecture, in the Tohoku region, spins the world's thinnest mohair. A single gram of this yarn stretches 52 meters... more than twice as long and thin as any mohair yarn before! Michelle Obama wore a cardigan made out of this Takumi's yarn at the inauguration ceremony of President Obama. Michelle Yamamoto reports on this J-Innovator who has the fashion world's top brands buzzing.

Science News Watch:
Marimo May Have First Evolved in Japan

Science Watcher Dr. Eiji Mizushima brings news about freshwater algae called "marimo" that form attractive, spherical moss balls. A consortium of Japanese, Dutch and German researchers found that it is likely that European and North American marimo are descended from the Japanese ones. In Japan, marimo research is an active field. The marimo in Lake Akan in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, are a protected national natural monument.

The Leading Edge:
The Coelacanth! The Living Fossil That Casts Light on Evolution's Mysteries

The coelacanth appeared on Earth before the dinosaurs and it is still around today virtually unchanged! For a long time the life cycle of this "living fossil fish" was unknown, but a team from Japan's Aquamarine Fukushima, based in the same Fukushima Prefecture where the 2011 nuclear accident took place, is using an unmanned submersible with high-definition video cameras on board to film the coelacanth in its native waters in Indonesia. The team was the first to capture images of coelacanth fry. Meanwhile, a research group representing Japan and Tanzania has succeeded in sequencing the coelacanth's entire genome. Coelacanth-related discoveries are flying in! Professor Norihiro Okada of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, who worked on the coelacanth genome project, joins us in the studio to explore the mysteries of evolution.