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Marine Life Harbors Tomorrow's Wonder Drugs!
J-Innovators:Takumi: Neurosurgical High-Definition Stereomicroscope

Neurosurgical High-Definition Stereomicroscope
Today's innovator

Takumi: Neurosurgical High-Definition Stereomicroscope

Providing doctors with smooth, effortless control during surgeries, this microscope allows steady close-ups of tiny tissues, enabling blood vessels as small as 0.05 millimeters thick to be connected for the first time. Technology developed for the space program was key in creating this instrument supporting cutting-edge medicine. Michelle Yamamoto meets the Takumi behind this microscope that has already shipped 2,000-plus units worldwide.

Science Watcher Kevin Short

Science News Watch:
K Supercomputer

This time our topic is computing.
Science Watcher Kevin Short talks about the K Supercomputer that has clocked in as the world's fastest computer twice in a row.

The Leading Edge:
Marine Life Harbors Tomorrow's Wonder Drugs!

The enormous biodiversity of life on Earth makes the natural world a treasure trove of benefits for humanity. Kevin put his life sciences expertise to work explaining why.
An organism from coastal tidepools has yielded a valuable anticancer drug. As an island country, Japan has a long and storied record in marine biology research. Joining forces with Japan's cutting-edge research techniques in analytical and synthetic chemisty, Japanese science brought a new drug from sea to clinic.