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Aug. 16, Sun.

Special Edition: Cleaning Craftspeople

Airports, train stations and buildings: In places where lots of people gather, cleaning staff play an invaluable role. Haneda Airport in Tokyo was named the world's cleanest for 2 years in a row. Supporting this achievement from behind the scenes is Haruko Niitsu, a veritable craftsperson of professional cleaning. Today she takes great pride in her work, but her career began in adversity and a long search to find her place in life. Niitsu herself has nothing but admiration for the specially trained pros who clean windows up high. One such person is Nobuyuki Hanyuda, a craftsman of window cleaning who is known as the best in the business. In his field, just one mistake can be life threatening. But Hanyuda has spent 30 years polishing windows on high-rise buildings to a shine. His guiding principle is to "fear becoming too relaxed about work, and to always be a beginner at heart". Join us as we focus in on professionals who keep Japan looking beautiful!