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The Mark of Beauty

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This unconventional art program introduces the great variety of beauty to be found in the arts and crafts related to everyday Japanese life.


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Apr. 28, Mon.*This program was first broadcast on Jun. 28, 2012


Linen is standard for smart summer dressers in kimonos or suits. An age-old material, it is the fabric that both looks and feels cool as Japan prepares for a summer of power shortages and it actually becomes softer the longer you wear it. It also creases easily and is hard to dye but does make adorable everyday summer items. We investigate the wisdom and craft of linen. Linen is lovely for the fashion-conscious summer dresser. The Japanese have worn linen kimonos since olden times for their good ventilation in the heat and humidity of summer. Linen is spun from the fibrous stems of ramie, hemp and similar plants. It's a lot of work but the fabrics are durable and can last for decades. It is a premium clothing fabric all over the world. The linen-making techniques, textures and hues we have today have been produced by our forebears' ingenuity over many centuries. One of the beauties of summer, it is tough, durable, and cool both to see and wear. We delve into the allure of this magical fabric.

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