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Lunch ON!

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Lunch ON!

Lunch ON! offers insights into working people of all kinds, by looking at their lunch. Discover what they eat as they strive to reach new heights!


Mon.23:30 - 23:55
Tue.5:30 - 5:55
11:30 - 11:55
17:30 - 17:55

Mar. 9, Mon.*This program was first broadcast on Jan. 12

Aomori Prefectural Lunch ON!

From Aomori, the northernmost prefecture of Japan's main island, we bring you the lunches eaten by people in the fishing and apple production industries, which are things Aomori is famous for! We take a look at the unique bentos eaten by craftsman who produce traditional wooden boxes to put the apples in. At Aomori City's central wholesale market, we discover the seafood lunch eaten by seafood specialists.