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Ebikatsu Shrimp Cutlet

Ingredients (Serves 4)
[ingredients for Ebikatsu Shrimp Cutlets]
*12 shrimps
*3 tbsp plain flour
*1/2 egg, beaten
*1/2 tbsp water

[the ingredients for the tartar sauce]
*1/3 pickled cucumber
*2 boiled eggs
*1/4 onion
*1 cup /200ml mayonnaise
*1-2 tbsp milk
*granulated consommé stock
*Japanese mustard

[the ingredients for the tartar sauce]
1. Finely chop the boiled eggs, onion, and pickled cucumber.
The finer they are chopped, the milder the sauce will taste.

2. Put the mayonnaise in a bowl, and dilute it with the milk.

3. Add a little granulated consommé stock and Japanese mustard, and mix.

4. Mix in the pickled cucumber, onion and egg.

5. Add the salt and pepper to complete the tartar sauce.

[ingredients for Ebikatsu Shrimp Cutlets ]
1. Mix the flour and beaten egg with a little water until the mixture becomes paste-like.

2. Remove the shell and tail from the shrimps, and devein them with a bamboo skewer.

3. Cut the shrimp in half, and season with salt and pepper.

4. Use 6 pieces per portion to make round, tight and flat patties.

5. Spread the paste made with plain flour and egg on the surface of the patties.

6. Coat them with plenty of breadcrumbs.

7. Serve them with your favorite sauce, tartar sauce, and sudachi citrus.