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Discover japanese pop culture world in imagine-nation

ARCHIVE Find out information of programs previously aired on imagine-nation.

  • October 14th (Tue) & October 15th (Wed)
    [Main theme: Monster Strike]
    [Guest: 326 (Illustrator)]

  • October 7th (Tue) & October 8th (Wed)
    [Main theme: D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die]
    [Guest: Shigeyoshi Tsukahara (Animation artist)]

  • September 30th (Tue) & October 1st (Wed)
    [Main theme: Hyrule Warriors]
    [Guest: Shigeyoshi Tsukahara Anime director)]

  • September 23th (Tue) & September 24th (Wed)
    [Main theme: Santa Inoue]
    [Guest: Yasuhiko Nomura (Game creator)]

  • September 16th (Tue) & September 17th (Wed)
    [Main theme: CARD FIGHT!! Vanguard THE Movie]
    [Guest: Daiki Asai (Game creator)]