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On Site

Creators Expo Tokyo 2014

Japan's is home to many world famous creators. But there's a huge group of amazing professionals here that are still relatively unknown. And on this week's "On Site" segment, we visit the Creators Expo Tokyo to meet them. Join Tomoko Hayakawa for an in-depth look at creative Japan.
Creators Expo Tokyo 2014 Creators Expo Tokyo 2014


Spectacular Spectacles

While a certain global IT giant has made news with its smart glasses, there's a Japanese firm that's working on an equally impressive system. It's stereo optical, so you can watch movies on a huge virtual screen as well as surf the web and run mobile applications. Take a clear look at the future in our "Gadgets" segment.
Spectacular Spectacles Spectacular Spectacles


The Many Shapes of Japanese Socks

For our "+Style" segment, we visit a shop that sells their own very special brand of socks. They're making the most of Japan's highly skilled textile makers' abilities, producing products that are stylish, comfortable, and innovative. These socks are definitely smarter than the average pair!
The Many Shapes of Japanese Socks The Many Shapes of Japanese Socks


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