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* This program was first broadcast on Jun. 16, 2014.

On Site

Japan IT Week Spring 2014

IT or information technology is one of those things that most of us are happy to leave to the experts. But in the world of business, it simply can't be ignored. In this "On Site" segment, Brian Hughes will take you to Japan IT Week to get a handle on this dizzyingly complex world.
Japan IT Week Spring 2014 Japan IT Week Spring 2014


More Than a Simple Storage Service

Our "+Style" segment presents a look at innovation in personal long-term storage. With services like online inventories, cleaning, and even social networking, the company we visit provides unique storage options for private individuals at a reasonable cost.
More Than a Simple Storage Service More Than a Simple Storage Service

Special Report

Bring Your Own Fridge

In our "Special Report" segment, we take a look at an impressive offering from a company known for household appliances. They developed a new cooling unit that can make extremely cold temperatures in a very short amount of time using its technological roots that go back over 200 years.
Bring Your Own Fridge Bring Your Own Fridge


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