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* This program was first broadcast on Jul. 14, 2014.

On Site

New Environmental Exposition 2014

For this "On Site" segment, join Brian Hughes for a visit to the New Environmental Exposition 2014. With a particular focus on waste management and recycling, the show also features great ideas to help businesses save energy and reduce their environmental impact.
New Environmental Exposition 2014 New Environmental Exposition 2014


Beekeeper on the Roof

Tokyo is made up of lots of smaller districts; each struggling to deal with issues like identity promotion and effective use of limited available space. The downtown section of Tokyo known as Ginza has come up with a unique solution to both of these problems: honey bees. See what the buzz is about in the "Gadgets" segment.
Beekeeper on the Roof Beekeeper on the Roof

Special Report

Ubiquitously Brilliant

The "Internet of Things" is used to describe a society where physical objects are also connected to the Internet. A research facility has been built at the University of Tokyo to study what this future holds. We'll find out more about this cutting-edge research center in this "Special Report" segment.
Ubiquitously Brilliant Ubiquitously Brilliant


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