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On Site

Interpets 2014

For this edition of "On Site", we head to Interpets 2014 with Tomoko Hayakawa. Japanese pet owners love to pamper their pets, so the market for pet-related products just keeps growing. This year's show features ideas from pet care companies as well as the auto industry and even the world of IT.
Interpets 2014 Interpets 2014


Carry Your Campfire Everywhere You Go

When it comes to camping and hiking, bigger is not better. The smaller and lighter things are, the easier they are to carry. In this installment of the "Gadgets" segment, we take a look at an original piece of camping equipment with an amazing design. It's lightweight, portable, and the perfect accessory for a camping trip.
Carry Your Campfire Everywhere You Go Carry Your Campfire Everywhere You Go


Singing With the Rain

Most people aren't too pleased when the weather forecast announces rain. But in Japanese tradition, rain is something beautiful to be appreciated and celebrated. On this edition of "+Style", we found a company that keeps that spirit alive today with a product is said to bring a bit of fun to even the rainiest of days.
Singing With the Rain Singing With the Rain


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