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Jan. 23, Wed.

Home Tech: Add Some Hand-Dripped Taste to Your Cup o' Joe

This is no ordinary coffee maker. It was made by a person who has devoted his life to coffee brewing. We take a look at it and at some other classy new products made right here in Japan that can help you to brew a nice fresh coffee right at home.

This coffee maker is the V60 coffee dripper that is receiving rave reviews from around the world for its use of a round paper coffee dripper to give it a taste closer to that of hand-dripped coffee. It is the product of a company called "HARIO", which started making coffee siphons in the late 40's. We spoke with one of the coffee equipment developers of the company, Noriyuki Tsuruoka. The V60 is full of his original ideas resulting in a very unique piece of machinery. The name V60 comes from this V-shaped 60 degree angle of the dripper. The V60 coffee dripper was developed in hopes of carrying on the method of hand-dripping, and making delicious coffee easier to make. The major point of this coffee maker is that it uses the company's original and globally acclaimed hand-dripper. Preparation to make the coffee is almost the same as an ordinary coffee maker; however, various devises have been made to make it as close to hand-dripped coffee as possible. The V60 just might give you another reason to look forward to that first cup of coffee in the morning.

On Site: Eco-Products Exhibition 2012

We visit a tradeshow that features environmental technologies and products designed with practical social applications in mind. Mai Ishikawa reports on a variety of products designed to help and keep our world green.

Schedule: Dec. 13-15, 2012
Location: Tokyo Big Sight

The Eco-Products Exhibition is one of the largest environmental exhibitions in Japan, which draws more than 180,000 business people and consumers interested in environmental issues. Exhibitors have made their displays and demonstrations as easy to understand as possible, since many of the show's visitors are laypeople. The tradeshow provides a venue for companies to demonstrate their innovative technologies and solutions for business, or promote their products to consumers including children, as they are the future consumers. But it can also be a place for learning. Many schools and families came to see this show as a good opportunity to teach children about environmental matters. The national and local governments, NPOs, NGOs, and educational institutes introduce their activities and examples to solve environmental issues.

Gadgets: Making Arithmetic Fun and Physical

The popularity of the Japanese abacus has been on the decline. Still, they are becoming recognized once again as an effective tool in helping children develop their ability to think and focus. Let's check out how in our "Gadgets" segment.

"Soroban" is a Japanese-style abacus, a tool used for doing calculations. Before calculators and computers, most people used a Japanese-style abacus. Schools also used to have classes devoted to developing abacus proficiency. But the soroban is recently seeing a revival. The city of Ono in Hyogo prefecture is where 70 to 80% of Japan's abacuses are made. There is a shop here called "Soroban Village", where you can make your very own one-of-a-kind soroban and learn how to use it as well. Hidetaka Miyanaga, the developer of the new Voice Soroban, wants to help both adults and children enjoy using the soroban even if they have no prior experience with it. His efforts eventually led him to the development of a bilingual soroban that reads out numbers in both English and Japanese. The Voice Soroban allows the user to learn in a manner that is fun, easy to understand, and simple.

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Home Tech : Add Some Hand-Dripped Taste to Your Cup o' Joe
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