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Go, Kitchen, Go!

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Go, Kitchen, Go!

Chefs travel around Japan on Kitchen Car to meet farmers, fishermen and cook signature dishes with local ingredients to entertain the producers.

Taiyo Sugiura (Actor and TV personality)

Born on March 10, 1981 in Osaka, Japan. Skilled at marine sports and swimming. Holds several national qualifications in Japan, including a license to operate small boats, a license to handle hazardous materials, and a scuba diving license. His many hobbies include fishing, darts, snowboarding, and bowling. As a multi-faceted TV personality, he is even capable of handling variety shows.



Sat.15:10 - 15:55
21:10 - 21:55
Sun.3:10 - 3:55
9:10 - 9:55

* Monthly broadcast

Dec. 6, Sat.*This program was first broadcast on Dec. 7, 2013

Vietnamese Delicacies in Chichibu

In this episode, Vietnamese restaurant owner Yumiko Adachi visits the Chichibu Basin in Saitama Prefecture where people embrace old gastronomic traditions and ingredients. Will Yumiko's unique dishes prepared with a Vietnamese twist using Japanese ingredients that burst with natural flavors please the palate of the locals?