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Magazine style intellectual aesthetic voyage, exploring art and philosophy in Japanese designs from antiques to high-techs, commodities and fashions.


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Andrea Pompilio

Andrea is a citizen of the world. Born to an Italian father and a Japanese mother, he was raised in Tokyo and holds a Dutch passport. He is dedicated to promoting an open-minded spirit and intercultural ties. Andrea describes himself as a 'filter', helping to connect Japan to the rest of the world.


Apr. 24, Thu.*This program was first broadcast on Jan. 2

MUSUBU: Tying Things

Since ancient times, boundaries of shrines and other holy places in Japan have been marked off by sacred ropes called shimenawa. Mizuhiki is the custom - still followed today - of conveying sentiments ranging from congratulations to condolences by tying knotted designs in thin cords to seal the message. With our guest, knot scholar Miyuki Sekine, we look at the beauty that can be created by knotting a single cord, and explore the influences on Japanese design of old traditions connected with tying knots and ropes.

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