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Core Kyoto

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The ancient capital, Kyoto, continues to be innovative after 1,200 years. We dive deep into its core in this definitive program.


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Apr. 17, Thu.

Kin-butsudan: Faith Shines Brilliant in Craft that Embodies Nirvana

The butsudan Buddhist family altar was built as a miniature of the temple dais upon which the main image stands, so families could worship at home. Reflecting the Pure Land in this world, butsudan not only hold Buddhist images but are also vehicles for people to communicate with their ancestors. Kyoto altars, called kin-butsudan, are decked with gold metalwork and maki-e lacquer. Their beauty is an unparalleled work of art. Strongholds of the heart, kin-butsudan show the core of Kyoto culture.

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