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Core Kyoto

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Core Kyoto

The ancient capital, Kyoto, continues to be innovative after 1,200 years. We dive deep into its core in this definitive program.


Thu.14:30 - 15:00
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Nov. 27, Thu.*This program was first broadcast on Dec. 19, 2013

The Changing Leaves: The Transient Fall Beauty of the Ancient Capital

The changing leaves vividly color Kyoto, which lies in a basin and has marked temperature differences. For more than a millennium, people have delighted in their beauty and picnicked under the trees. Today, the changing leaves continue to enchant Kyotoites, who live within the changing seasons. The exquisite leaves adorn traditional kaiseki cuisine dishes, and the trees lit up at night are a magical sight. Some are so captured by their magnificence they express it in waka poetry and the arts.

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