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Core Kyoto

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Core Kyoto

The ancient capital, Kyoto, continues to be innovative after 1,200 years. We dive deep into its core in this definitive program.


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Dec. 24, Wed.

Obanzai: The Frugal Wisdom of Kyoto's Home Cooking

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Obanzai are the frugal side dishes that grace dinner tables daily in Kyoto - the home of washoku, or Japanese cuisine. Cooked to make the staple dish of rice taste delicious, they use only simple ingredients. The wisdom in the preparation is eco-friendly; scraps are reused, none are discarded. The menu handed down in the Sugimoto clan for more than 200 years embodies the spirit of obanzai. Washoku was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013, and obanzai is in the spotlight.

*This program was first broadcast on Feb. 20

Jan. 1, Thu.*This program was first broadcast on Jul. 17, 2014

Fitting for the Deities: Sacred Ornamentation Purifies and Elevates

Shinto shrines have sacred shimenawa ropes, bells with cords attached, mirrors, various fittings, and ceremonial ornamentation that have adorned these places of worship since time immemorial. Made from wood, metal, silk threads, hemp, and other materials, this ornamentation became more elaborate and brilliant in the hands of artisans who gathered in the ancient capital, Heian-kyo, when it was established some 1,200 years ago. These crafts, which live on today, link worshippers with the deities.

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