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Asia This Week

A weekly update on the political, economic and social developments in Japan and the rest of Asia. Your window on a diverse and ever-changing region, home to four billion people.

Hosted by Minori Takao


Fri.14:30 - 15:00
20:30- 21:00
Sat.2:10 - 2:40
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Aug. 1, Fri.

Hiroshima: Preserving Survivors' Stories

People in Hiroshima are trying to make sure the world never forgets the tragedy that befell their city. 69 years after the atomic bomb fell, the number of people with first-hand experience is dwindling. So officials are hiring younger people who can learn their stories... and pass them on. But it's proving tough to truly convey what the survivors went through.


Asia's Pilot Problem

More and more budget airlines are getting off the ground, especially in Asia. One Chinese low-cost carrier starts a domestic service in Japan this week. But many of the airlines are finding it tough to secure an essential resource: pilots. Some airlines have even been forced to halt their services. NHK WORLD's Hiromi Hirose says they're treading a fine line between cost and safety as they try to offer affordable flights.