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A weekly update on the political, economic and social developments in Japan and the rest of Asia. Your window on a diverse and ever-changing region, home to four billion people.


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Apr. 18, Fri.

Interview: Obama makes Diplomatic Overtures to Asia

US president Barack Obama begins his visit to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines next week. Devoting more attention to Asia has been one of his main diplomatic objectives. In particular, during this trip he's expected to emphasize the need for stability in East Asia and the desirability of a Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement. Glen Fukushima, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and a former deputy assistant US Trade Representative, offers his thoughts on Obama's objectives and the prospects for progress.

Holding on to the Music

Hearing-impaired people in the city of Matsuyama in Japan have an opportunity to enjoy music by keeping it close to their hearts. An inventor there has come up with a speaker that allows the deaf to listen in by hugging it. The speaker is made of material that readily transfer sound vibrations. The inventor and many users say it has the potential for expanding the aural horizons for people around the world.