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Asia This Week

A weekly update on the political, economic and social developments in Japan and the rest of Asia. Your window on a diverse and ever-changing region, home to four billion people.

Hosted by Minori Takao


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Sep. 26, Fri.

UN Climate Summit

Last year, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. This year, China has been hard hit by a number of droughts. Natural disasters are causing massive damage worldwide, and global warning is often singled out as one of the causes. A sense of urgency was in the air as world leaders gathered for a United Nations climate summit this week. Other people showed their concern in various ways, including broadcast weathercasters from around the world. NHK forecaster Hiroko Ida was among those who took part.


"Honor Killing" Puts Women at Risk

In various countries, women who engage in premarital sex or insist on choosing their own husbands are sometimes killed in the name of restoring family "honor". Relatives, even fathers, commit the murders. The United Nations estimates about 5,000 women die each year in this way. The Middle East and South Asia account for a large percentage of those cases. NHK WORLD's Masaki Suda interviewed a young woman who was marked for death in Pakistan.