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Asia This Week

A weekly update on the political, economic and social developments in Japan and the rest of Asia. Your window on a diverse and ever-changing region, home to four billion people.

Hosted by Minori Takao


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Nov. 21, Fri.

Japanese Prime Minister Calls Snap Election

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his decision to dissolve the Lower House of the Diet and call a snap election. He framed the action as an opportunity for voters to pass judgment on his postponement of an increase in the consumption tax. The tax was scheduled to rise from the current 8% to 10 next October. Data released this week showed Japan's gross domestic product marked a steeper-than-forecast shrinkage in the July-to-September quarter. NHK WORLD's Tomoko Kamata will explain the strategy for the general election and the potential impact of the outcome.

Scientists and Farmers in the Philippines Work on Disaster-resistant Crops

The Philippines frequently confronts natural disasters, including powerful typhoons and water-related destruction. The United Nations University considers the country to be one of the most disaster-prone in the world. Farmers are often among the people most seriously affected. Scientists at the International Rice Research Institute near Manila are finding some success in developing a strain that is resistant to floods. In addition, small-scale farmers have created a network to share their knowledge of agricultural methods and to devise strains of rice that can withstand exposure to water or salt.