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Asia This Week

A weekly update on the political, economic and social developments in Japan and the rest of Asia. Your window on a diverse and ever-changing region, home to four billion people.

Hosted by Minori Takao


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Jul. 25, Fri.

Indonesia after the Election

Indonesians have elected Joko Widodo, a man with a common touch, as their new president. He is distinctly different from his predecessors, all of whom came from the military or wealth. Joko's campaign promises to improve social programs and build the economy brought him the support of the poor and the young. Supporters of his opponent, however, are not convinced the vote-counting was fair. Thus, Joko is certain to face difficulties in uniting the large and diverse country. We talked about prospects for the new administration with Koichi Kawamura of the Institute of Developing Economies.

Japanese Eel Eaters Face Dwindling Supply

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has designated the Japanese eel as an endangered species. The catch of its fry has dropped to 1/15 of the peak year, and the species could become subject to international trade restrictions. The Japanese government has already tightened regulations on eel farmers and taken other protective measures. But the species remains under pressure. 4 years ago, Japan's Fisheries Research Agency succeeded in artificially spawning eggs and raising them to full-grown fish for the first time. It now is working to bring the technology into commercial use.