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ASIAN VOICES is an interview and debate program hosted by NHK senior commentator Aiko Doden. We discuss key international issues from an Asian perspective, together with experts.


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Jul. 31, Thu.

India: Creating a Great Nation

  • Ratan Tata

    (Chairman Emeritus, Tata Sons)

For 22 years, Ratan Tata served as chairman of the Tata Group, India's largest conglomerate. In 2008, he garnered attention by developing the Nano, the world's lowest-price car. He also acquired luxury car brands and steelmakers, developing the group into an enormous conglomerate encompassing nearly 100 companies. 2 years ago, he stepped down as chairman to become chairman emeritus. He now works on projects such as providing needy people with healthcare services and education, and he retains much influence in the Indian business world. In this episode, we interview Tata to hear about his expectations for the economic policies of new Prime Minister Narendra Modi - and how he plans to change India by coming to the aid of people in need.

*The interview full text will become available here after the broadcast.