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ASIAN VOICES is an interview and debate program hosted by NHK senior commentator Aiko Doden. We discuss key international issues from an Asian perspective, together with experts.


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Jul. 24, Thu.

World Bank: Fighting Poverty

  • Jim Yong Kim

    (President, World Bank Group)

Since its establishment, the World Bank has been providing support for poor countries to help them achieve economic growth. President Jim Yong Kim has pledged to rid the world of extreme poverty by 2030. Believing that his organization needs to borrow ideas and know-how from the private sector to attain this goal, President Kim is working to boost collaboration with businesses and nongovernmental organizations. How does he plan to bring about a poverty-free world? We'll ask him about issues the World Bank must overcome to achieve its goal as well as visions for the future.

*The interview full text will become available here after the broadcast.