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Asia Insight

An in-depth portrait of Asia today, covering its dynamism as a center of growth as well as its traditions tossed around by the advance of globalization.


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Feb. 6, Fri.

A Decade after the Indian Ocean Tsunami

On December 26, 2004, a massive 9.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, triggering an enormous tsunami. About 220,000 people died and missing in 14 countries. Aceh, a province in the north of Sumatra, was very close to the epicenter. The dead and missing there numbered 170,000, and over 400,000 people lost their homes. Mr. Lukman sold precious metals in Banda Aceh. When the tsunami hit, Lukman's wife Susilowati was visiting her parents' home in Java; her husband was in their store. When Mr. Lukman finally reached their village hours later, their home had vanished, and their 3 children were nowhere to be found. 10 years later, Mr. Lukman and his wife are still haunted by memories of their children, crying as they remember them. The people of Aceh agree that the biggest change since the tsunami is the arrival of peace. In the 1970's, a separatist group calling for Aceh's independence began a conflict with the Indonesian military that continued for nearly 30 years. Finally, for the sake of reconstruction, they reconciled. The fighting ended. The program focuses on Mr. Lukman and his wife, but also examines Banda Aceh as a whole. People live their lives while still wrestling with the profound tragedy of the disaster a decade ago.

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