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Asia Insight

An in-depth portrait of Asia today, covering its dynamism as a center of growth as well as its traditions tossed around by the advance of globalization.


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Sep. 5, Fri.

24 Hours in Beijing's Gourmet Town

Rapid economic expansion in China has brought about changes in the lifestyles of its citizens. More people work later and dine later, resulting in increased numbers of diners. Guijie Street is Beijing's largest gourmet restaurant district. More than 100 eateries and bars line the 700-meter street. Young people from all over China flock here to find jobs in the catering trade. The streets also bustle with unlicensed vendors. This small area actually reflects trends in modern day China. On this episode of "Asia Insight" we take a look at 24 hours in Beijing's major gourmet town.

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