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Asia Insight

An in-depth portrait of Asia today, covering its dynamism as a center of growth as well as its traditions tossed around by the advance of globalization.


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Jul. 25, Fri.

One China Two Systems - Hong Kong 17 Years On

As Hong Kong's economy steadily merges with mainland China following its handover from British colonial rule 17 years ago, Beijing's influence over the city continues to strengthen. But demands for universal suffrage are growing as the Hong Kong public becomes increasingly concerned about Beijing's approach, after being promised a large degree of autonomy under the One Country Two Systems policy. On July 1, the day of the handover's 17th anniversary, tens of thousands of people marched across the city to demand democratic elections and express their opposition at Beijing's tightening control. In this episode, we follow some of the young activists and people at the frontline of protests who fear for Hong Kong's future.

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