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US media: Russian missiles crashed in Iran


The US media are reporting that Russian cruise missiles have crashed in Iran in what Russia says was an attack on the Islamic State group in Syria.

CNN reported on Thursday that US government sources said at least 4 cruise missiles crashed in Iran, apparently damaging some buildings.

The Russian military says its warships in the Caspian Sea launched 26 cruise missiles on Wednesday. It says the missiles passed through Iranian and Iraqi airspace into Syria.

US State Department spokesperson John Kirby told reporters on Thursday that he had seen the reports, but that he was not in a position to confirm them.

Iran's state-run television quoted a Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson as saying that the Russian attacks against the Islamic State militants' positions were successful.

The TV did not mention whether any of the Russian missiles landed in Iran.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday called the Russian forces' behavior increasingly unprofessional, saying they fired the cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea without warning.


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