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Rio Carnival reaches climax amid Zika concern


The Rio Carnival, Brazil's biggest festival, has reached a climax while city authorities are calling on revelers to take care against spreading the Zika virus.

Before the Samba parade contest kicked off on Sunday night were reminders of the upcoming Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. On display were Olympic mascots and a float carrying a model of the relay torch.

The Carnival's top performing teams were clad in glamorous costumes. They sang and danced to the beat of the samba. Each team has up to 4,000 members who march through the street with lavishly decorated floats.

One team highlighted the Olympic events. Members dressed in outfits worn for beach sports. Their float depicted the Gods of Olympia.

Many visitors were seen carrying bug repellents, as city officials are warning about the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

A woman visiting from Japan is concerned that her child might become infected. She and her family use mosquito repellent whenever they go out.


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