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Greeks rally ahead of bailout referendum


Tens of thousands of people in Greece have taken to the streets ahead of a referendum to decide whether the country should accept the austerity measures proposed by the European Union.

Both the supporters and opponents of the measures held a mass rally in the capital Athens on Friday, 2 days before the vote. The opponents packed a square in front of the Parliament. Police say 25,000 people attended.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged people to reject the ultimatum from the EU and vote “No." Demonstrators responded by yelling “No."

A woman who described herself as a public servant said Greeks want to decide their own future and not have it done for them by the European Union.
A rally of supporters of the austerity measures drew about 20,000 people. Business owners and entertainers called on demonstrators to wave the flag of Europe and cast a “Yes" vote. Participants waved EU and Greek flags in response.

One demonstrator said she is fed up with the austerity measures, but she cannot think of any other way to restore stability in Greece than to remain in the eurozone.


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