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New US emissions plan aims to cut CO2 by 32%


The US government has drawn up a tougher emissions cut plan for thermal power plants, which are the main source of the country's carbon dioxide output.

US media reported that President Barack Obama will unveil the revised Clean Power Plan on Monday.

The draft plan aims to reduce the carbon dioxide output from thermal power plants by 32 percent by 2030, compared with the 2005 level.

The new target is 2 percent higher than the initial proposal for coal and other thermal plants. Each state will set a plan for the cut.

Obama said in a video posted on Facebook that climate change is not a problem that can be left to another generation to deal with.

He called the upcoming plan the biggest, most important step the US has ever taken to combat climate change.

Observers say Obama wants the US to take the lead at a UN climate change conference scheduled in France at the end of the year. But the US coal industry, which provides the major fuel source for thermal power generation, and Republican lawmakers have vowed to challenge the draft plan.

The UN conference aims to create a new framework to fight global warming from 2020.


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