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Electronics Showcase

Makers of electronic gadgets are gathering in Las Vegas. They're rolling out their latest products at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The biggest names in televisions are showing how they've put a new spin on a familiar device. NHK WORLD's Mitsuko Nishikawa reports.

Asian manufacturers dominate the global market for TVs. Many of them have come to this year's show armed with TVs that contain new features and technologies.

Sharp of Japan has unveiled an ultra-high-definition 4K model. It has four times as many pixels as current high-definition TVs.

Company representatives say the set even makes recorded images look better. It does that by showing the images at the equivalent of 8K resolution.

Sharp is positioning the TV as its flagship model for the higher end of the market. Executives aim to begin selling it in Japan and in the US this year.

"We can't raise profitability merely by engaging in a price war. It's important to launch unique products with our original technology at the core."
Shigeaki Mizushima / Representative Director, Sharp

LG Electronics of South Korea is showcasing ultra-thin organic electro-luminescent televisions. The company has also rolled out a new product using "quantum-dot" technology.

Company officials say the name refers to particles used to backlight the set's liquid crystal display. They say the TVs generate more colorful, life-like images than other 4K models.

"This year we'll feature Color Prime technology in several series which will expand the color gamut, that can be displayed by up to 30 percent."
Tim Alessi / Director of New Product Development, LG Electronics USA

TCL of China also unveiled a quantum-dot TV. The company is extending its global reach, and became the world's third-largest maker of LCD TVs in 2013. Executives say they'll beat their rivals by offering high-resolution products at a low price.

"We are truly the first one. We are taking the lead. 1, 2, 3."
Hao Yi / CEO, TCL Multimedia

The show is a chance for industry executives to promote other products, too. Some of the items on display this year include wearable computers, and audio devices offering better sound quality than regular CD players.

Manufacturers say they're confident technologies like these will sell. Many of the gadgets are due to hit the store shelves soon. And then it's up to consumers to decide which of them will come out on top.

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