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KEPCO to submit revised Takahama safety plan

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The operator of a power plant on the Sea of Japan coast says it will submit revised safety measures to the country's nuclear regulator as early as next week.

Officials of Kansai Electric Power Company say they have completed recalculations of the potential maximum height of a tsunami that could hit the Takahama plant.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority, or NRA, had pointed out to the utility that it underestimated the height in its first assessment. The company was obliged to conduct tsunami simulations for 2 reactors at the plant.

The 2 reactor's structural resilience against major earthquakes and other safety measures have been cleared by tests that began in July of last year.

If NRA officials find no shortcomings in the revised measures, they will draft a preliminary regulation plan that will pave the way for resuming operations at the plant.

The plan will be made public by the end of this year.

Takahama will be the second plant to receive a preliminary regulation plan from the nuclear regulator, following the Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Japan.

All of Japan's nuclear reactors are currently offline.

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