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Sumo wrestler Goeido promoted to ozeki


Sumo wrestler Goeido has been promoted to ozeki, the sport's 2nd highest rank.

The Japan Sumo Association officially decided on the promotion on Wednesday. The decision was conveyed to the wrestler and his stable master, Sakaigawa, in a ceremony.

Goeido told sumo association officials that he was determined to work his hardest with "Yamatodamashii," or the Japanese spirit.

Goeido clinched 12 wins in 15 bouts of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament that ended on Sunday. He beat 2 yokozuna grand champions, Hakuho and Kakuryu.

The 28-year old-wrestler is from Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture.

Goeido attracted attention when he won amateur sumo titles as a high school student. He made his ring debut as a professional wrestler at the 2005 new year tournament.

Goeido rose to the top Makunouchi division in the 2007 autumn tournament. He has been at the 3rd highest rank of sekiwake for the past straight 14 tourneys...the longest run in postwar professional sumo history.

The last time a wrestler has been promoted to ozeki was in March 2012. There are now 3 ozekis -- Kotoshogiku, Kisenosato and Goeido -- all Japanese nationals.

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