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Japan maglev train to try for new record


Officials with a Japanese railway company are preparing to achieve the world's fastest train speed.

Central Japan Railway Company engineers will use magnetic levitation technology to try to exceed 600 kilometers per hour. They will make the attempt on Tuesday at a 42.8 kilometer test track in Yamanashi Prefecture.

They surpassed the previous world record by 9 kilometers per hour with a speed of 590 kilometers per hour in an earlier test run.

If successful, it will demonstrate that the design can travel 10 kilometers per minute, or 170 meters per second.
Company officials are planning to launch maglev train service in 2027. The trains will travel between Tokyo and Nagoya at speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour.

The engineers will use Tuesday's test to determine the safety of the train at speeds faster than 500 kilometers per hour.


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