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2 dead, 11 injured in Shinkansen train fire


A man set himself ablaze on a Shinkansen bullet train on Tuesday morning. He died, as did a passenger who apparently inhaled smoke from the fire.

The incident occurred at around 11:30 AM on Tuesday. The Nozomi 225 train was headed for Osaka from Tokyo, carrying about 800 passengers.

The train's driver made an emergency stop at a town in Odawara and crewmembers put out the fire immediately.

Eleven people were injured, and 9 others were taken to hospital.

According to police, witnesses said the man poured what looked like oil on himself and ignited it with a lighter. His body was found lying on the floor near the front door of the first car.

Police say he was a 71-year-old resident of Tokyo, judging from a driver's license found on him.

A passenger told police that the man came to her seat and put several 1,000-yen banknotes on a table by her, saying he'd found them and was giving them to her. After she declined, he walked up and down the aisle before pouring the liquid on himself. She said she pleaded with him to stop, and that he told her to run away, as she was in danger. The woman said she saw the man on fire as she ran to another car.


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