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Guidelines drawn up for unapproved Ebola drugs


Japan's health ministry has compiled basic measures to administer unapproved Ebola drugs in the event a patient tests positive for the disease in Japan.

A ministry panel of experts determined the conditions at a meeting held late Friday.

Improvements in the conditions of a number of Ebola patients have been reported in France, the United States and elsewhere. They were administered multiple unapproved drugs.

Experts agreed that because of the deadly nature of the virus, the use of unapproved drugs should be allowed if an Ebola patient is diagnosed in Japan.

Under the plan, patients must be informed about the side-effects of any drugs used, and that doctors must obtain their prior consent.

Doctors will also be required to closely monitor patients for worsening health brought on by side-effects.

The ministry says that in the event Japan's first Ebola patient is diagnosed, experts will meet again to discuss the latest findings on unapproved drugs.

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