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Israel concentrates attacks on northern Gaza

Israel's military has again raided the northern and coastal regions of the Gaza Strip. The attacks killed 4 children.

The Israeli military on Wednesday bombarded 50 locations, included Hamas facilities in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Evacuation warnings for local residents were issued.

This came after a cease-fire proposal mediated by Egypt was aborted by Hamas' rejection.

Naval attacks along the coastal area killed 4 Palestinian boys aged 7 to 10, who were playing on the beach.

Israeli military announced it will suspend their attacks for 5 hours starting 10 AM on Thursday.

Military officials say the UN requested a temporary halt. Evacuated Palestinians need to return home to get daily necessities as their condition prolongs.

A UN report says about 20,000 Palestinians have evacuated from the northern Gaza Strip and elsewhere to escape Israeli air raids.

Many of them have taken shelter in school buildings. A mother told NHK that her family sleeps on the floor using clothing and blankets. She said her children are suffering from diarrhea.

There is concern over deteriorating hygiene at evacuation facilities, and the heavy toll the military campaign is taking on civilians.

Jul. 16, 2014 - Updated 21:26 UTC