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Israel resumes air strikes on Gaza

Israel has resumed air strikes on the Gaza Strip, after Hamas rejected a ceasefire proposed by Egypt.

The Israeli military began bombing the Hamas-ruled area before dawn on Wednesday. Its Twitter account posted a message saying the 2nd week of operations in Gaza has begun.

Local media say Israel has urged some 100,000 Palestinians in eastern and northern Gaza to evacuate their homes before 8 AM on Wednesday. They say the Israeli military used recorded telephone messages to send the warning.

Earlier, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas has rejected a ceasefire with Israel.

Israeli forces had carried out air strikes on the Palestinian territory of Gaza to destroy installations used by Hamas fighters to fire rockets. Many civilians were also killed.

Egypt proposed a ceasefire deal urging both sides to stop all attacks on Tuesday.

Israel accepted the ceasefire on Tuesday morning and temporarily halted its air strikes on Gaza. But Hamas rejected the truce, and fired more than 120 rocket shells toward Israel.

An Israeli died in an explosion at a checkpoint on the border with Gaza. It was the first Israeli fatality since the attacks began over a week ago.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a news conference on Tuesday night that his country will take all possible measures to protect its people.

Jul. 16, 2014 - Updated 04:04 UTC