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Hamas poised to reject ceasefire agreed by Israel

The Palestinian group Hamas is poised to reject a ceasefire proposed by Egypt to end the fighting in the Gaza Strip. Israel has accepted the proposal.

Israeli forces have been carrying out air strikes on Gaza to destroy installations where Hamas fighters have launched rocket attacks on Israel. The air strikes that began last week have killed 183 Palestinians, including civilian non-combatants.

The Egyptian government presented a ceasefire plan on Monday that urges both sides to halt all attacks within 12 hours from 9 AM local time on Tuesday and to begin talks for a long-term truce.

The Israeli government decided on Tuesday to accept the Egyptian proposal.

Hamas says the ceasefire does not guarantee the easing of the Israeli economic blockade against Gaza and the release of comrades detained by Israel.

Rocket attacks from Gaza continued after 9 AM local time. Israel says it will attack the Palestinian autonomous enclave in retaliation.

Jul. 15, 2014 - Updated 10:16 UTC