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Civilian casualties rise in air strikes on Gaza

Israel is intensifying its air strikes on the Gaza Strip. Civilians are reportedly many of the casualties.

The Israeli military said its latest wave of air strikes on Thursday morning hit at least 100 targets.

The military said its major offensive since Tuesday has attacked at least 780 targets, including the homes of Hamas leaders and weapons depots.

Gaza health officials said a family of 8 including children was killed in the attack on Thursday morning which destroyed their home. The officials said the Israeli air raids this week have destroyed 40 houses, killing 71 people, mostly civilians, and wounding at least 500 others.

Israeli officials said militants in the Gaza Strip have fired 365 rockets toward southern Israel since Tuesday.

Air raid warning sirens in a densely populated area of Tel Aviv sent residents running for cover.

The rising civilian casualties in the Gaza are leading to clashes between Israeli security forces and protesting young Palestinians in the West Bank.

Jul. 10, 2014 - Updated 11:53 UTC