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Emergency warning issued for Typhoon Neoguri

Powerful Typhoon Neoguri is approaching Japan's southernmost prefecture of Okinawa. Weather officials have issued an emergency warning urging people in the region to be on the highest alert.

The typhoon had a central atmospheric pressure of 930 hectopascals as of 7 PM Monday, Japan Time.

Wind speed was 180 kilometers per hour near the center and more than 90 kilometers per hour within a 200-kilometer radius from the center.

The storm is expected to become even more powerful as it moves northward to Okinawa.

The Meteorological Agency issued a warning for gusts and high waves in Okinawa's Miyakojima region, saying the typhoon could cause extensive damage.

The wind velocity could be 200 kilometers per hour on Tuesday. Waves as high as14 meters may hit the coast.

Some areas in Okinawa Prefecture may have downpours of 80 millimeters per hour.

Agency officials say they may issue another emergency warning for heavy rain and storm surge.

They are calling on people in the Okinawa region to keep updated with information from local authorities and ensure safety before the typhoon comes closer.

The agency introduced an emergency warning last August against major natural disasters.

Jul. 7, 2014 - Updated 10:30 UTC