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Abe briefs New Zealand PM on new security policy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has briefed New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Japan's new security policy.

Abe explained at a meeting in Auckland on Monday his Cabinet's reinterpretation of Japan's Constitution to enable collective self-defense.

He described how the new policy will allow Japan to play a more active role in achieving peace and stability in the region, and Key expressed his support.

Both leaders agreed to enhance defense exchanges, and to study the potential for an Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement, or ACSA.

This would allow Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the New Zealand military to supply water and fuel to each other during a disaster and other emergencies.

The leaders reiterated their commitment to an early conclusion of negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.

At a joint news conference after the meeting, Abe said New Zealand and Japan are partners that share basic values. He said he and Key had reaffirmed their commitment to cooperate further on regional and global issues.

Abe also said he would be explaining his Cabinet's decision on collective self-defense to other countries, including Japan's neighbors.

Jul. 7, 2014 - Updated 02:50 UTC