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Chinese ships open to public with limits

Chinese Navy personnel are taking part in US-led joint RIMPAC naval exercises in and around Hawaii.

Navy officials on Saturday invited members of the media to tour Chinese ships. But they did not allow photos inside the vessels, or interviews.

Ships from Japan, South Korea, Australia and other participating countries were also open to the media and members of the armed forces.

China is participating in RIMPAC for the first time, and has sent 4 ships.

Officials made 2 of them available for viewing. They are the missile destroyer Haikou and a hospital ship called Peace Ark.

Haikou is an Aegis-class vessel. It's equipped with advanced radar and a vertical missile launch system.

Visitors had to leave their luggage behind, except for cameras. They were permitted only to take the photos of the ship's exterior. The tour ended in about 15 minutes.

No one was allowed to interview ship officials.

Jul. 6, 2014 - Updated 03:36 UTC