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Rage grows over death of Palestinian teen

Anger is spreading among Palestinians following media reports that an abducted teenager was burned alive by Israelis.

The 16-year-old boy was kidnapped and killed on July 2nd in Israel-controlled East Jerusalem in a suspected revenge attack for the killing of 3 Israeli youths last month.

The murder set off clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israel's security forces.

Media have quoted a senior justice official of the Palestinian Authority on Saturday as saying an autopsy indicates the teen was alive when someone set him on fire.

Video footage shows security officers beating a non-resistant 15-year-old boy who is lying on the ground. The boy, Tariq Khdeir, is believed to be a cousin of the murdered Palestinian.

The video is said to have been shot in East Jerusalem one day after the murder.

Israeli authorities have reportedly arrested the cousin, who is a US citizen of Palestinian descent.

The killing and the violent actions of Israeli authorities have sparked outrage among Palestinians, raising fear of fresh clashes.

Jul. 5, 2014 - Updated 20:31 UTC