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Ukraine's Poroshenko says Slavyansk recaptured

Ukraine's government announced on Saturday that it has recaptured the country's Eastern city of Slavyansk. It represented the largest military stronghold for pro-Russian separatists.

Officials said that government troops intensified their offensive against the pro-Russian militants.

After regaining control of Slavyansk, President Poroshenko ordered that Ukraine's flag be flown at the administrative headquarters.

Pro-Russian separatists admitted that they have withdrawn from the city.

President Poroshenko presented a peace plan on June 20th. It included a ceasefire proposal in an effort to establish a relief program.

The military situation in Eastern Ukraine remains uncertain. The government admits that sporadic fighting is ongoing in Slavyansk and neighboring areas.

Pro-Russian militants say they were not defeated and will continue fighting in other parts of Eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian says his country is ready for a new ceasefire with if certain conditions are met.

In telephone talks with US Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, Poroshenko said he is ready to return to a ceasefire and engage in political dialogue with the separatists.

Jul. 5, 2014 - Updated 20:31 UTC