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Rescued Indian nurses return from Iraq

Indian media have shown footage of nurses who returned from Iraq after being caught up in a fierce battle between Islamic militants and government forces.

46 Indian nurses were working in a hospital in the northern city of Tikrit when the battle intensified.

The Indian foreign ministry says they were taken away by an unknown group on Thursday.

They were released after the government negotiated through diplomatic channels and local parties.

The nurses arrived at the southern Indian city of Kochi on a special civilian flight on Saturday.

The nurses and their family members embraced one another, celebrating their reunion.

One of the nurses said she is very happy to meet her family members. She didn't think she would survive.

The scene was aired live on television.

Many people in India are paying close attention to the situation in Iraq, where many Indians are working.

Last month, 39 Indian construction workers were taken away by a group believed to be Islamic militants in the northern city of Mosul.

The Indian government is working to rescue them.

Jul. 5, 2014 - Updated 15:51 UTC