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Abductees' kin express hope for probe

Family members of Japanese abducted by North Korea have expressed hope the new investigation will succeed in determining the fate of their loved ones.

Shigeru Yokota, whose daughter Megumi is one of the abductees, says he wants to believe the involvement this time of the North's National Defense Commission and secret police will lead to better results than in the past.

Yokota says he wants the investigation to provide information quickly on the 8 abductees, including Megumi, who the North claims are dead. He says North Korean authorities are sure to have the 8 under their control and already know all they need to about them. He adds he continues to believe that Megumi is still alive.

Kenichi Ichikawa, whose younger brother Shuichi was abducted, says he has both expectations and concerns about the investigation but can only wait and see what comes of it.

He says he hopes the investigation will lead to the return of all the abductees.

Fumiyo Saito, the elder sister of abductee Kaoru Matsuki, says she wants Japanese and North Korean officials to hold painstaking discussions that produce good results.

Saito says it is her fervent hope the investigation will resolve the abduction issue once and for all. She is calling on Japanese government officials not to allow themselves to be deceived by North Korea.

Jul. 3, 2014 - Updated 05:14 UTC