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Thai military ruler sets election for Oct. 2015

Thailand's military ruler says he expects a parliamentary election to be held around October of next year in preparation for a return to democratic rule.

Thai Army chief Prayut Chan-o-cha is the Chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order. He spoke about the country's future political process in a televised speech on Friday.

Prayut explained that a team of experts has been working on a draft interim constitution that will be adopted next month.

The general said a legislature will be set up in September to launch an interim government. He added that provincial representatives will launch a council for political reform in October.
Prayut said the process will be completed in 2015 to pave the way for a creation of an elected government. He called for the people's understanding and cooperation.

The Thai military took power in a coup d'etat on May 22nd. It continues to increase its grip on power by detaining people who protest military rule.

Jun. 28, 2014 - Updated 00:00 UTC