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People in Kiev celebrate pact with EU

People in the Ukrainian capital Kiev have celebrated the country's signing of an economic agreement with the European Union.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed the association agreement in Brussels on Friday.

Citizens gathered at Kiev's Independence Square on Friday for celebrations. They released balloons and sang the national anthem.

The square has been the center of protests since last November when the former government shelved the agreement in favor of closer ties with Russia.

Those protests led to the change of government in February.
One man said Ukraine is now on even ground with Russia and that the domestic situation will improve.

Another said companies will be able to make quality products at lower costs if the country introduces European standards.

A woman who had been taking part in the protests for months said it's a big day as many people had been killed in the protests.

Reminders of the clashes between demonstrators and security forces can still be seen in the square.

But on Friday, work began to repair broken tiles and remove tires set up as barricades.

Jun. 27, 2014 - Updated 21:14 UTC