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Fighting rages in Iraq cities, oil and gas fields

Fighting is raging between Islamic extremists and Iraqi forces in the country's major cities and near oil and gas fields.

In Tikrit, government forces on Friday recaptured a university that was held by the Sunni extremists.

Fighting continues at the Mansuriya gas field about 100 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Several years ago, major foreign corporations began to develop oil fields in Iraq, a major petroleum producing country.

The fighting is intensifying for the control of oil and gas fields, seen as the lifeline of Iraq's economy.

In Haditha, western Iraq, government forces attacked extremist units that have crossed the border from Syria.

Iraqi forces say they have killed about 30 Islamic extremists.

Seesaw clashes are underway in areas near the border with Syria.

Jun. 27, 2014 - Updated 10:58 UTC