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NGO: West African Ebola epidemic out of control

An international humanitarian-aid group says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is out of control and requires massive aid. The disease has killed more than 300 people.

Doctors Without Borders says in a news release that it has reached the limit of what it can do to fight the deadly outbreak.

The group says there is a real risk the disease can spread. It is calling for massive deployment of resources by regional governments and aid agencies to bring the spreading epidemic under control.

The outbreak began in March in southern Guinea and has since been confirmed in neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia.
The World Health Organization says more than 600 patients have been confirmed or are suspected in the 3 countries. 338 have died.

The Ebola virus causes severe bleeding from the organs and skin. Its fatality rate is up to 90 percent, with no effective treatment available.

Japan's foreign ministry is warning people traveling to the 3 countries to obtain the latest information and not to eat meat from wild animals.

Jun. 26, 2014 - Updated 11:05 UTC