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China, Taiwan agree on liaison office rights

A senior Taiwanese official says China has basically agreed to give representatives at planned liaison offices of each side the right to meet people detained by the other side.

China's chief of Taiwan Affairs, Zhang Zhijun, visited Taiwan for the first time on Wednesday.

He met Taiwan's Mainland Affairs chief, Wang Yu-chi, for about 2 hours at a hotel near an airport in the suburbs of Taipei.

They discussed what rights the planned liaison offices will have and how to make traveling in Taiwan more convenient for Chinese tourists.

After the meeting, Wang said the Chinese side basically agreed that officials at the liaison offices will be able to meet people detained by police and other authorities of the other side. Taiwan had demanded the right.

Both sides confirmed that they will put a service-sector free trade pact into effect. They agreed that if Taiwanese industries are harmed, they will quickly deal with the matter. Many Taiwanese people oppose the deal.

Zhang will stay in Taiwan until Saturday. He is scheduled to meet businessmen, farmers, fishermen and students.

Jun. 25, 2014 - Updated 17:09 UTC