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Driver kills woman after taking 'law-evading drug'

A man is under arrest after he allegedly drove a car under the influence of hallucinogenic herbs. One woman died and 6 people were injured.

Police say 37-year-old Keiji Nagura drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk and hit pedestrians near Ikebukuro Station on Tuesday evening. The area is one of the busiest commercial districts in Tokyo.

The car reportedly veered from an intersection and ran along the path for about 40 meters before crashing into a phone box.

The suspect reportedly told investigators that he had smoked the herbs before he started driving.

A witness says the vehicle rammed into the sidewalk without slowing down and hit passersby one after another.

Hallucinogenic herbs are often called law-evading drugs. They contain chemical substances similar to narcotics or other illegal substances.

The National Police Agency says drivers under the influence of law-evading drugs caused 38 accidents across Japan in 2013 -- double the figure for the previous year.

In January, a driver who had smoked hallucinogenic herbs hit and killed an elementary school girl in Kagawa Prefecture.

Jun. 24, 2014 - Updated 16:59 UTC