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LDP member admits making sexist jeers

A member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has admitted making sexist taunts to a female lawmaker during a Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly meeting. He said he deeply regrets his actions.

Your Party member Ayaka Shiomura was heckled last Wednesday while questioning the Metropolitan government's support for working mothers.

In one of the jeers, she was told she should hurry up and get married rather than ask such questions. The heckling brought wide public criticism.

Akihiro Suzuki, LDP member of the assembly, told reporters last week he was not one of the hecklers.
But on Monday he admitted making the remarks.

Suzuki said he made the jeers hoping she could get married as more Japanese women are delaying marriage and having fewer children.

He also said he had not previously considered that it may be difficult for some Japanese women to get married.

Suzuki told reporters that he will resign from the LDP group in the assembly to take responsibility.

He met with Shiomura and apologized. She told reporters his apology was too late.

Jun. 23, 2014 - Updated 10:24 UTC