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Young people rally against collective self-defense

Young people have held a rally in Tokyo to oppose the government's plan to reinterpret the Constitution. The plan would enable Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense.

The organizer says about 1,000 students and labor union members attended the rally on Sunday.

One of the speakers at the event was aid worker Naoko Takato. She was briefly detained by militants in Iraq 10 years ago, and continues to provide medical support to Iraqi people.

Takato said if Japan exercises the right to collective self-defense and sends the Self-Defense Forces to war, Japanese personnel could accidentally kill civilians.

She said if that happens, foreign views on Japan will change. She added this will negatively affect the Japanese who provide humanitarian aid in conflict zones.

The participants marched through the streets of central Tokyo.

A university student said she thinks it is strange the government is discussing the matter without consulting the public. She also said young people need to learn about the Constitution and involve many people in the discussions.

Jun. 23, 2014 - Updated 05:54 UTC