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NHK WORLD TV Program Monitors

NHK is seeking viewers who will watch and submit comments regularly on NHK WORLD TV programs. The comments and suggestions will be utilized for enhancing our program quality.
If you are interested, please carefully read the requirements indicated below; if you are confident fulfilling below requirements and consent to what you are requested to do, please apply from the bottom form.

1. Requirements for becoming NHK WORLD TV Program Monitor

The applicants for NHK WORLD TV Program Monitor should:

Please note that:

2. Assignment of NHK WORLD TV Program Monitor

Program Monitors are requested to watch and submit their comments in English language (in about 500 words) on six (6) NHK WORLD TV programs per calendar month, in principle. Program Monitors may choose the program to watch and comment on from the list of programs that will be specified by NHK at a later date. Program Monitors shall fill in the designated Monitoring Form for program evaluation and commenting, and send it to NHK via e-mail no later than one (1) week from airing of the monitored program.

3. Assignment Period:

For six (6) month-period, between October 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016.

4. Remuneration

Program Monitors will be paid the remuneration of 3,000 Japanese Yen per each contribution of Monitoring Form submitted to NHK.

5. How to Apply

Please fill in the below mail form for application. When applying, you are requested to provide certain personal information, and write an essay in about 200 words, giving your views and thoughts about the program of your choice. Within this essay, please also include one (1) or two (2) sentences, on why you were interested to apply and become our Program Monitor.

6. Application Period

From 3:00 (UTC) on August 7 (Fri.), till 3:00 (UTC) on August 11 (Tue.), 2015.

7. Appointment of Monitors

Monitors shall be appointed after a careful selection by NHK through examination of all submitted applications and essays. The result shall be informed to each applicant via e-mail by mid September, 2015.

8. On Handling of Personal Data/Information

Any personal data/information of applicants shall be used only for the purpose of Monitor selection and related matters. It shall be carefully handled and never revealed to third parties. For more details about NHK's policy on handling of personal data/information, please access http://www.nhk.or.jp/privacy/english/.

Thank You! The application period is now over.