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NHK WORLD Mobile News Service

NHK WORLD Mobile News Service is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean. English content is updated 7 times a day (4 times on Sat. and Sun.). Other contents is updated twice a day. (Once a Sat. and Sun.) Depending on the content, special updates will be available.

You can jump to Chinese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish news site via the English news page on the mobile phone.

Non-English pages, namely Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish, are provided in a few character formats to allow access from various types of mobile phones. Click here for more details.

How to access the website : You have three options below.

Please click the button below. Then input your mobile phone e-mail address in the address bar and send it to yourself. After receiving the e-mail on your mobile phone, please choose the desired language option and access it.

Send the URL of the website to your mobile phone
B. Use barcode

If your mobile phone is equipped with a barcode reader, use the phone camera to read the 2D barcodes below. When your mobile phone shows the URL of our website, please click it.






C. Input the URL directly onto your mobile phone
English :
Chinese :
Korean :
Portuguese :
Spanish :
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. Do I have to pay to view NHK WORLD Mobile News Service?
A1. Our mobile news service is available free of charge. But you will be charged packet communication fees. Please ask your mobile phone operator about the fees, which will vary depending on your contract.
Q2. Can I see the mobile news service everywhere?
A2. If your mobile phone can connect to the Internet, you will see our sites on the monitor everywhere as well. But they may not show up properly due to the specification of your mobile phone or contract with your carrier.
Q3. My mobile cannot display Chinese/Korean text.
A3. Select a text mode (UTF-8) for a mobile phone which can display Chinese/Korean characters. If this is not possible, try GIF mode to display the text in an imagery format. Two types of imagery format are available; high-resolution GIF for terminals displayable of a large image, and low-resolution GIF for terminals other than that.
However, please note that the contents may not be displayed properly in any of the format above with some types of mobile phones, in which case the service is not available with your terminal. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
Q4. My mobile cannot display Portuguese/Spanish accent marks.
A4. Portuguese and Spanish pages are provided in two formats; UTF-8 that can indicate accent marks, and ASCII in which such marks are transformed to alphabets. This is because the acceptable character format depends on the type of the mobile phone terminal. You need a terminal that accepts UTF-8 format to display the accent marks.
Q5. How many times a day is your English service updated?
A5. Normally, five times seven day on weekdays and four times on weekend.
Q6. I can get only old stories when they are supposed to be updated.
A6. Some types of cell phones are set up to show the previously received data first. Push the update button and download new data, or change settings so that new data is shown on your mobile phone every time you access our website.
For more information, please read cell phone instructions or ask your mobile phone maker.