Mon. Jul. 17, 2017
NIPPON STYLE: The Potential of Hand-Made Fashion
Tetsuya Yamamoto and Chihiro Hasunuma
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In the fashion industry, one-of-a-kind handmade items are taking their positions in the spotlight. In this episode, meet two designers with a penchant for handmade processes, producing fashion items entirely by hand. The first designer is Okayama-based Tetsuya Yamamoto, whose innovative creations have surpassed fashion expectations. The second is Chihiro Hasunuma, a hand-knit artist making works of astonishing proportions.

Finding His Voice with Handmade Creations

Tetsuya Yamamoto launched his brand in Tokyo in 2001, making several impressive appearances in the Tokyo Collection. But in 2012, he moved his home and studio to Okayama Prefecture, distancing himself from the head-spinning trends of the Tokyo fashion scene. He says this has helped him tap into his deep creative intuition. We visit Yamamoto's atelier and learn what inspires his infinitely creative works.

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An Evolving Hand-Knit Artist Improvises

Chihiro Hasunuma is a designer who also calls herself a "hand-knit artist". This comes from her mission to imagine and implement her own hand-knit designs, creating jaw-dropping works that cannot be replicated. She redefines the concept of "knitting" with astounding works that seem to have a life of their own.
Sit down with the designers as they create original works before your very eyes, and join them in Tokyo for a special handmade workshop. Learn how they've earned their reputations as creatives with a handmade mission.

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The Japanese Heat-Fighting Strategy
HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo

Japan's soaring temperatures and humidity in summer are almost unbearable, yet businessmen still don suits. But in recent years, extreme air conditioning in the workplace has become a health and energy issue. To combat the heat, the "Cool Biz" program was introduced by the Ministry of the Environment encouraging lighter clothes in summer. But how did the Japanese come to wear full suits in summertime? Watch and learn about the special connection between the Japanese people and their suits.

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2017 Autumn/Winter Tokyo Collection
2016 Autumn/Winter Tokyo Collection

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Behind the Scenes

Our shoot today is at a studio where fashion workshops are held regularly.
During a break, Marie heads to a sewing make her own clothes?

Behind the Scenes

At this studio, members can enjoy the use of incredibly specialized equipment, like this machine that allows you to control the stitches by maneuvering the handle, sewing designs that look like illustrations!

Behind the Scenes

This sewing machine allows you to embroider the images and videos that appear on the monitor to the right!

Behind the Scenes

And this silkscreen printer is great for t-shirts and tote bags...this place is like heaven for people who want to create original items.

Behind the Scenes

A snapshot following today's interview.
The two designers have chosen to go the handmade route with their creations, from start to finish, because the items they make are important to people's daily lives. They often hand over the finished product in person.
Marie has just begun walking her own path as a designer, and she looks to have gained a lot from their conversation.

- Producer Yoyo


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