Mon. Aug. 8, 2016
NIPPON STYLE: Tokyo's Newest Trend for Boys: Genderless Danshi
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A fashion trend that is quickly gaining traction in Tokyo is led by "Genderless Danshi", or boys with fluid notions of gender roles. You'll recognize them for their kawaii clothes, dyed hair, colored contacts and beauty regimens sure to make women reexamine their own.

Their social media selfies are racking up the likes, and many have made their way into television and fashion magazines as models and media personalities.

We introduce the pioneers of the evolving genre including Toman, a member of a boy band, and Yohdi Kondo, a model-turned-producer of his own fashion brand.

You'll also meet the designer of the men's brand "ayymatsuura.", who incorporates pastels, florals, and other "feminine" elements into the clothes.

Learn all about the "Genderless Danshi" of Tokyo and how they came to be, and what the young men themselves believe their roles to be in fashion (and life). We interviewed them, the fans, and industry experts on the current Tokyo movement.

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Traditional Kimono Fashion Show in Kamakura vs. Cutting-Edge Shibuya Fashion
HOT PICKS at Fashion Week Tokyo

An alluring component of Japanese fashion is the mix of traditional with avant-garde. Take for example, a classic kimono show held in Kamakura as a charity event for the rebuilding efforts of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, and its opposite, a cutting-edge spectacle in Shibuya to commemorate the temporary closing of a 43-year fashion hot spot.


2016 Autumn/Winter Tokyo Collection
2016 Autumn/Winter Tokyo Collection

Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO



Behind the Scenes

We filmed at Toman's go-to hair salon for this episode. Marie and Toman seated side-by-side… don't you think they look alike? Like brother and sister!

Behind the Scenes

The two had so much to discuss about fashion and beauty, they chatted up a storm in between takes. Maybe even more than when the cameras were rolling.

Behind the Scenes

A brand new tool was introduced in the filming of this episode…a camera that can be controlled with just one hand. All you need is to attach your smartphone to act as the viewfinder. It's small, light and so mobile! And the grip allows for a steady hand, so there's no shaking and wobbling here. The evolution of technology… incredible!

Behind the Scenes

Toman showed us his current smartphone cover. The blue belt actually makes a fashion statement, when the phone is placed in the front pocket with the belt hanging out. The only thing people can see is the end of the hanging belt, and when the phone is covered by a shirt, it looks like you're wearing an actual blue belt around your waist!

I was more drawn to the fact that the belt is so helpful when pulling the phone out of your pocket. ;)

Behind the Scenes

Marie was at the Onitsuka Tiger x ANDREA POMPILIO show introduced in this episode's "Catwalk Trends" segment. She enjoyed the show with...a former host of this show, ia!
They're great friends in real life!

Behind the Scenes

Godzilla in Shibuya!?

Yes, that's Godzilla grabbing the "R" from one of Shibuya's most famous shopping complexes, right near our NHK offices. The fashion hotspot that has led Shibuya's edgy fashion scene closed on August 7th, and some of us are really feeling the times change.

Don't worry, Godzilla didn't take the whole building down!

- Producer Yoyo


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