Mon. Oct. 12, 2015
NIPPON STYLE: Enchanting the World with Handmade Fashion!
Fashion Designer Tomoe Shinohara
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Twenty years ago, Tomoe Shinohara captivated the Japanese with her eccentric and colorful fashion, not to mention her quirky, instantly recognizable poses. Her fans looked up to her as a style icon, imitating her look and becoming "Shinorers". Shinohara is often seen as one of the inspirations behind the current "Tokyo kawaii style"

This year marks Shinohara's twentieth anniversary in show business and to celebrate, she held a special exhibition showcasing her work over the past two decades. We follow her as she mesmerizes the world once again, this time not as a teen star, but a grown-up fashion designer.

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Tomoe Shinohara's 20th Anniversary Exhibition displayed all of the costumes from her career, as well as early fashion sketches she drew as a child. She even provided an area for fans to experience the "Shinorer style". Simultaneously, Shinohara led handmade craft workshops, to pass along her love of making fashion from scratch, and then adorning the creations.

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This past April, Shinohara published a book on sewing, in which she designed several dresses and included detailed steps on how to recreate the looks. With the book in hand, fans have begun making clothes on their own, as was the trend in the 1950s and 1960s when Japanese fashion culture was about making and wearing your own clothes.

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In the studio, Shinohara leads Marie in a handmade accessory-making session, much to Marie's delight.


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We follow two events presented by young knit designer Kanae Higashi, a popular creator among young women, whose knitwear has changed the concept of "knits". In the first event, a fashion show, Higashi unveils her cute and sensual handmade knitwear worn by models who are all personal friends and acquaintances. She has created every piece to suit the unique look and personality of the models. The second is an exhibition called "Muse", showcasing all of her creations thus far in her career. Two films she executive produced were screened and received a great reception.


2015-16 Autumn/Winter Tokyo Collection "The Impressive Shows"

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Behind the Scenes

Marie was hugely inspired by her conversation with Tomoe, who demonstrates such originality, and says she will buy some of the accessory-making tools herself and give it a whirl. The pair learned they would both be in New York City in a few days. They promised to connect in the city, perhaps for a fashion stroll around town?

Behind the Scenes

Let's take a look at their hand accessories today.
Marie's rings are simple, but make their presence known. They're made by a leading avant-garde brand and cost a reasonable $100 for the set of four, much to our surprise. They're not completely out-of-reach, which definitely add to their fashion appeal.

Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes

Tomoe's colorful nails are perfectly in sync, perhaps because they're all of the same vivid tone. She's also adorning a few decorative pieces, but just changing the colors up a bit will do wonders for your look!
A matte finish will give you a sophisticated feel, while adding gradations to the colors will add an artistic flair. Enjoy!!

-Producer Yoyo


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