Run for the Dream!

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This documentary follows a year in the lives of an entertaining principal who encourages students to discover their dreams and students who don’t have dreams yet.Seung-ho, calls himself a singer/entertainer, is the principal of a very specialized high school in Seoul, South Korea. This school has only 1- year students who come from Tuesday to Friday. On Mondays, they go to their original high schools. Students who do not want to go to university and don’t know what to do for their future, they come to this high school and try to learn a new thing for 1 year before they embark to the real world as an adult.

As a singer Seung-ho released 7 albums. So, he uses music as the tool to connecting with students. For Seung-ho as a principal, playing together with the students is just another important subject alongside Maths, English, etc.

Seung-ho often says that he has a secret know-how that can make his students dramatically changed in only 12 months. Would this be possible?

We have been following Seungho and his students’ changes during a year.

Director Ho-jun Kang
Location South Korea
Duration 28 min.
Genre Human Interest / Life / Social Issues
Air Date (JST) Mon., Mar. 11, 2019

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Ho-jun Kang

Ho-jun Kang


Ho-jun was born in 1968 in South Korea. He has produced and directed television programs and movies for over 20 years in advertising agencies and film making companies. In 2001, he directed "Mother and Son" (family reunion), which won him a special prize at the 6th Berlin International Folklore Film Festival. In 2016, he directed the film "Farming Boys" which was invited to the Busan International Film Festival, Seoul International Food Film Festival, and other film festivals.


2016 Farming Boys
2015 Water Puppet
2011 Kisses
2001 Mother and a Son

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