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Anup Jagdale is probably the only one struggling to not just survive the business inherited from his father but also to keep alive the unusual tradition of touring cinema. Anup always wanted to pursue a 9 to 5 job for a secured future but circumstances led him to join the business of touring cinema after his father met an accident and paralysis made him bedridden.

Anup Touring Talkies, a 53-year- old legacy drives across the remotest corners of Maharashtra (India) in its multicolored 73-year- old truck lugged with an 87-year- old cinema projector along with over-a-century old heritage – The INDIAN CINEMA.

It is said there were thousands of them in the 1970s. But, with the advent of new means of entertainment, their numbers reduced from thousands to hundreds, hundreds to ten and finally ending up with the only one that is tirelessly carrying its old scratched reels down to the rural spaces.
Despite all, the arrival of Talkies in villages is a major event, a sort of enchanted interlude in the inhabitants’ life, who often live isolated.

But for how long will Anup fight and sustain this journey where not only the ways of entertainment but demands of the audiences are changing rapidly.
Will it be the end of the touring cinema?

Director Sujit K. Jha
Location India
Duration 28 min.
Genre Human Interest / Family / Society
Air Date (JST) Mon., Dec. 3, 2018 *rerun
Mon., Sep. 24, 2018

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Sujit K. Jha

Sujit K. Jha


A journalism & mass communication graduate, Sujit is a filmmaker from New Delhi, India.
His ability to connect with his subjects and the people in the hinterland of India is of immense value when it comes to creating a visual melange, or films, as we know it. A tent, a truck & talkies is Sujit's debut broadcast length film. He has made more than 40 short documentaries & TV series on health, social justice & women rights for United Nations and other non-profit organizations. His inclination towards imparting knowledge has developed into a new love – teaching. Sujit teaches the art and craft of film production at Delhi's reputed institute, International Institute of Mass Media. Currently, he is working on two feature-length documentaries & a TV series.


2017: A Tent, A Truck & Talkies (Credit: Producer – Director)
2015: Bandhua – freedom from slavery (Credit: Director-writer)
2012: Living for the Dead (Credit: Concept/research/writer/Associate Director)

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