Tackling Food Waste in Japan

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As much as a third of the world's food supply goes to waste each year. Japan alone accounts for 18 million tons of discarded food annually, of which 6 to 8 million tons is still edible. Food waste occurs at different stages of the supply chain. Sometimes, fresh produce doesn’t conform to aesthetic and freshness standards. Other times, business practices put pressure on providers to overproduce. The issue involves stakeholders at all levels. Everyone, including consumers, has a responsibility in helping to reduce food loss. This documentary follows those looking for solutions.

Director Irene Herrera
Location Japan
Duration 28 min.
Genre Food / Environment / Social issues
Air Date (JST) Mon., Sep. 3, 2018 *rerun
Mon., Jul. 16, 2018

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Irene Herrera

Irene Herrera


Irene Herrera is a Cuban-Venezuelan filmmaker and video journalist. For more than 15 years, she has been producing and creating documentary and journalistic content with a focus on Latin America and Asia. Irene’s films have been broadcast internationally and have been featured at numerous festivals and museums. She is also a regular contributor to AFP, AJ+,, Seeker Network and Vox. Her films are usually character- and issue-driven with an emphasis on gender, statelessness, refugees, environment and mobility. In Japan, Irene obtained an MFA in filmmaking at Nihon University as a recipient of a Monbukagakusho scholarship. She’s been a Flaherty Seminar Fellow and a Professional Resident at the University of Miami's Knight Center for International Media. Currently, she teaches documentary filmmaking at Temple University. As a neo-nomadic third culture kid (TCK), her love for traveling and storytelling has taken her to more than 65 countries.


No Elderly Left Behind, NHK WORLD, 2017
The Last Kamikaze, The Guardian, 2015
Cracked Foundations, NHK WORLD, 2015
Some Bunny Loves You, Seeker Network, 2015

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