Women Do SUSHI Too

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Sushi is a Japanese culinary tradition from the samurai era. It’s an art form that takes years to perfect. The revered job of Itamae (sushi chef) has proven to be one of the most difficult titles for a woman to attain. People believed that women were incapable of meeting the requirements demanded by the “boys’ club” mentality of the sushi world. Challenging the view that proper sushi can only be made by men are two women who are throwing their fears and trepidations to the wind and following their passion to “Do Sushi Too.”

Director Deborah DeSnoo
Location Japan
Duration 28 min.
Genre Social Issues / Food / Women
Air Date (JST) Mon., Dec. 31, 2018 *rerun
Mon., Jul. 30, 2018 *rerun
Mon., May 28, 2018

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Deborah DeSnoo

Deborah DeSnoo


Graduated NYU 1978
American Film Institute 1993
An award winning film and theater director / producer, writer, actor and voice narrator,
Deborah Ann DeSnoo is now based in Tokyo, Japan.


Road to Re-Election, 2015
Iwate: Road to Recovery, 2014
Skeletons in the Closet, 2008
Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire, 2004

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